University of Western Sydney FACE Experiment

University of Western Sydney was awarded a major role in the Federal Government’s global climate change scientific initiative with a $17M project for the Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) Experiment in the old-growth Cumberland Forest at the UWS campus at Richmond NSW. This unique FACE experiment allows the investigation of the response of woodlands to rising CO2 and climate change under natural conditions.

The experiment will run for 15 years to test the long-term effects on the flora and fauna in an old-growth eucalypt forest, of a green-house gas enriched environment, simulating predicted atmospheric green-house gas levels in the future. The project, constructed by Hansen Yuncken, comprises of six identical experimental 'arrays' built within the forest.

Each array is served by a permanent tower crane (which was erected by helicopter and mobile cranes) and comprises 32 CO2 vent masts 28m high in a 25m circle, surrounding a group of old-growth trees. The vent structure arrays are fabricated from a carbon-fibre composite material.

University of Western Sydney CWF commissioned Wilde and Woollard directly for the preparation of estimates, analysis of tenders and contract administration during the construction phase.