Cook and Phillip Park

Cook and Phillip Park
Location: Central Sydney, NSW
Year: 1999
Client: Sydney City Council
Description: The Cook and Phillip Park development is a prestigious parkscape project located close to the centre of Sydney and adjacent to St Mary's Cathedral. The park space has been effectively doubled to 4.5 ha by the removal of major roads that separated and divided them diagonally.
The Aquatic/Leisure Centre component contains three indoor swimming pools holding over 2,400,000 litres of water in total, a gymnasium, associated amenity areas, three-community use meeting rooms and three cafes. One unique feature is its being below pavement level on the College Street boundary. Furthermore the paved courtyard over the buildings provides a compelling visual approach to St Mary's Cathedral, enhanced by two major water features. Another two such features have been incorporated elsewhere in the park, which is extensively terraced and retains many of the existing trees.
Services: We played a key role in budgeting, cost management, contract documentation and tender negotiations for the six packages making up the total project. Application of our well-developed skills in all these areas resulted in a tender price within 1% of that forecast.