Wilde and Woollard is a group of professional quantity surveying practices.

Project Auditing

Acting on behalf of the client or funding entity and being independent of the project team, we can ensure that all aspects of a project are reviewed and audited at every stage to manage costs and ensure compliance with the building contract and other financial requirements.

Successful project auditing starts during the design phase ensuring that clearly defined budgets are established, so that when costs are incurred they can be reviewed and reconciled against previously agreed cost centres.

Successful cost management during the construction phase requires constant involvement in the construction process and an awareness of all issues affecting cost. Our role during construction can include the following:

  • Monitor construction documentation and advise on any unauthorised change to the design of the works which constitutes a variation to the accepted construction sum
  • Review revisions to sub-contract budgets
  • Review trade packages prepared by the contractor for use in sub-contract tenders
  • Attend the opening of sub-contract tenders and record prices including any exclusions
  • Review delivery dockets, bar schedules, site diaries, etc
  • Review and tracking of security, bank guarantees, insurances, deeds, etc
  • Estimating, measuring, pricing and negotiating variations
  • Adjusting all PC and Provisional Sums in the contract
  • Investigating and advising on any increased cost or prolongation claims
  • Value works in progress on a monthly basis and prepare interim payment certificates
  • Prepare monthly cost monitoring reports, including identifying budget variances
  • Prepare a final account statement on completion of the project

The scope of our service will be tailored to suit a client’s specific needs and the particular form of contract, method of procurement and any key risk areas which need to be monitored.