Wilde and Woollard is a group of professional quantity surveying practices.

Quantity Measurement

Measured tender documents are a proven way of obtaining more competitive tender results, make for easier evaluation of tenders and better management of costs during construction.

Measured tender documents reduce the cost to tenderers and make pricing your job more attractive to a contractor, since they can now use more of the tender period putting together the best possible price instead of spending part of the tender period re-measuring the job.

Tender prices based on measured tender documents, will have the same typical trade break-up submitted by all tenderers, making evaluation and comparison of tenders easier and more accurate to interpret. An accurate tender evaluation assists with tender negotiations and can highlight any obvious issues with competing tenders that need to be clarified.

Measured tender documents with rates and pricing included in a building contract greatly reduce the cost of assessment of variations and claims. They also provide a more accurate basis for the assessment of monthly progress claims, helping ensure that certificates are not over claimed.

Quantities can be measured in a range of formats to suit individual client requirements; including Full Bills of Quantities in accordance with the Australian Standard Method of Measurement (ASMM5), Builders Quantities, Trade packages, Schedule of Quantities, etc.

Contact your nearest Wilde and Woollard office, to find out more about the best form of measured quantities for your project.