Wilde and Woollard is a group of professional quantity surveying practices.



Established for 95 years, Wilde and Woollard has an unparalleled record in the management of capital works projects.

As cost managers, we are committed to providing our Clients with consistent, professional advice on the issues of construction cost, programming and form of contract whilst respecting the Client’s goals and aspirations, financial limitations and time constraints. Our services are wide ranging and where appropriate, extend into research and development of new techniques to resolve particular situations or ideals. This performance orientated approach has resulted in Wilde and Woollard achieving an encouraging high profile within the building industry.


Wilde and Woollard help our client organisations nurture their commercial growth and prosperity. We focus on maximising your fixed assets allowing you to make the right decisions to improve your business. This occurs at both a strategic level and on individual projects. Organisations own assets to facilitate the delivery of products or services. At Wilde and Woollard we provide an integrated fixed asset planning and management service.

This approach ensures that:

  • Your organisational goals determine our priorities; we work alongside you, advising you as a business partner.
  • Capital is applied in a manner that supports your priorities.
  •  Resources are used effectively and efficiently so that best value is achieved.
  • Underpinning this is our philosophy of really understanding your business motivations.


Our ability to fully understand your business allows you to rely on our informed recommendations. Over the years, we've worked with many types of organisations, addressing a wide range of fixed asset challenges. This has provided us with a collective experience that is invaluable to organisations dealing with fixed asset issues.


With offices in almost every capital city of Australia, we have a dedicated team for your area with knowledge and connections to ensure the best outcome for your project. Find your local team from the Offices tab in the menu.