Wilde and Woollard is a group of professional quantity surveying practices.



We offer a comprehensive range of services in all facets of quantity surveying.

Cost Planning & Cost Management

The experienced Quantity Surveyor plays a crucial role in developing an accurate budget and ensuring that costs are managed within the budget as the design develops and throughout construction.

Quantity Measurement

Measured tender documents are a proven way of obtaining more competitive tender results, make for easier evaluation of tenders and better management of costs during construction.

Whole of Life Analysis

A tool for the financial evaluation of a range of design options over their life cycle using a combination of capital, maintenance and operating costs to make the best long term decision

Procurement Advice

The ideal procurement model is valuable to any project, finding the right balance between a client’s need for design input and the management of potential time, cost and quality issues.

Project Auditing

We can ensure that all aspects of a project are reviewed and audited at every stage to manage costs and ensure compliance with the building contract and other financial requirements.

Due Diligence

We can undertake a formal due diligence examination of existing buildings to provide you with the information you need before making important property purchase decisions.

Bank & Finance Report

Bank reports prepared by Quantity Surveyors are a condition of banks and financial institutions when approving funding for property development.

Risk Management

We can work with your project team to identify a wide range of project risks, and identify strategies to monitor and manage the impact of these risks on your project.

Insurance Valuations

We can prepare and regularly update the insurance valuation for your property to help ensure that you are fully covered in the event of a loss.

Sinking Funds & Strategic Maintenance

An essential tool used by Property Owners and Managers to ensure that sufficient funds are always available to meet routine demands for capital maintenance works.

Tax Depreciation

We’ve specialised in the provision of Tax Depreciation reports for over 30 years.

Value Management

Value management seeks to ensure that clients are getting the best value for money from the design, construction and operation of their property assets.