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Belconnen Lakeshore Refurbishment at Emu Inlet

40 Bunda St

Narnungga Park Sculpture of a Conceptual Park Shelter

  • Project Client:GHD (ACT Government)
  • Location:Narnungga Park 25, Sir James Congdon Drive, SA
  • Value:-
  • Categories:Community

The shoreline of the lake was dramatically reshaped to improve recreational access to and around the lake. The project involved construction of a new lake wall, dredging of the lake to form the new curved inlet shape, reclaiming the existing harbour to create the new grassed bank, extension of stormwater pipes including construction of a new large stormwater chamber and headwall, paving, landscaping and pedestrian lighting.


Wilde and Woollard provided cost planning services including providing cost options for various forms of the lake wall, dredging of the lake and reclamation of land, silt and sediment dams and stormwater works.

Architect: GHD

Photographer: Tim Coleman, Wilde and Woollard